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Neal Workman is the founder and CEO of The Fisheries Exchange which operates  As the Founder and former CEO of Seafax Mr. Workman brings over 25 years of experience in rating and evaluating seafood companies.  Whitney Workman is a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in marketing and communications. Ms. Workman has been involved with The Fisheries Exchange for 3 years and oversees client relations and business development for the company.
Our Mission
Make it easy to identify and contact the industry’s leading and most trusted suppliers by assigning ratings based on operating history, business integrity, sustainability and traceability of the products they market and sell.  We employ a three-part rating process that includes an internal review, self-rating, and peer evaluation.  Click on the “ratings” tab on the home page for a more detailed explanation. 
Our Model 
The fundamentals are In line with today’s user preferences
          -Online vs. Books 
          -Free unlimited access 
          -Suppliers rated on truth in reporting, traceability & sustainability
          -Easy to find-#1 Google search rank
          -Never out of date and always current
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