The 5-Check Rating System

 Check #1: Longevity:
This Company has been in business for more than 5 years.

 Check #2: Certification:
This Company is CCSF, HACCP or GFSI certified or sells products that originate from CCSF, HACCP or GFSI certified facilities.

 Check #3: History:
This Company is not currently the subject of any suits, liens or judgments associated with non-payment to a vendor or for non-performance to a customer.

 Check #4: Sustainability:
This Company maintains a defined policy regarding seafood sustainability and is committed to actively supporting vendors and customers who embrace sustainability practices.

 Check #5: Verification:
This Company has signed and agreed to SeafoodDirectory's policies regarding fair disclosure of business facts and is a member in good standing with the publishers of this directory.

This facility was visited by SeafoodDirectory.

This company subscribes to the NFI's Commitment to Fair and Lawful Business Practices in order to stamp out economic fraud in the seafood industry.