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Ratings employs a unique three-part rating system for the suppliers listed in its directories.

  1. We screen the suppliers

    As founder and former CEO of Seafax the leading credit reporting service for North America I have experience in creating and implementing rating and scoring models for the seafood industry. All suppliers listed in our directory must meet and comply with our internal standards for integrity and viability and have demonstrated their ability to stand behind their products.

  2. Suppliers rate themselves

    Suppliers rate themselves then sign an agreement attesting that the information they have provided is true and accurate. If any of the information they have provided is subsequently determined to be untrue or inaccurate the supplier may be removed from our directory. All suppliers listed in our directories have the option of rating their company.
    The 5-Check Rating System

     Check #1: Longevity:
    This Company has been in business for more than 5 years.

     Check #2: Certification:
    This Company is CCSF, HACCP or GFSI certified or sells products that originate from CCSF, HACCP or GFSI certified facilities.

     Check #3: History:
    This Company is not currently the subject of any suits, liens or judgments associated with non-payment to a vendor or for non-performance to a customer.

     Check #4: Sustainability:
    This Company maintains a defined policy regarding seafood sustainability and is committed to actively supporting vendors and customers who embrace sustainability practices.

     Check #5: Verification:
    This Company has signed and agreed to SeafoodDirectory's policies regarding fair disclosure of business facts and is a member in good standing with the publishers of this directory.

    This facility was visited by SeafoodDirectory.

    This company subscribes to the NFI's Commitment to Fair and Lawful Business Practices in order to stamp out economic fraud in the seafood industry.

  3. Suppliers are rated by their peers

    Our unique “crowd reporting model” promotes and encourages peer reporting to assist in identifying suppliers who may not comply with our rating standards. This model employed by Wikipedia and Yelp uses the collective wisdom of a shared community to formulate a consensus. Our website facilitates this method by providing a confidential form downloadable on our website to report suspected problem suppliers. Alerts are investigated internally by our business analysts and when substantiated-the offending supplier is removed from our directories.

Click on the link below to file a report on a supplier who appears in our directory that does not meet our standards. Forms must be fully completed in order to be processed and all submissions are held in strict confidence.

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